Hunts RD Style

Hello Girls

Look 1New Item RD Style Exclusive Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt 5L

Includes { Top with app lolas tango
                 Belt mesh
                 Tattos }

Look 2 
Dress Exclusive Love in is Air Hunt - 7L

Looks Today =)

Hey Girls

Check out some more news releases =)

Look 1
Shirt Heart Blue_RD Style New_Exclusive The Open Closet 75L
Black Skirt Mesh_RD Style_New Gift 1L
Nail Slink Polish - 7Sins Lust New_Exclusive The Open Closet 70L
TRUTH HAIR Rowan -  light blondes New

Look 2
NS:: [ROOM69]::>Mesh Ghosty Suspender Skirt New 65L

Look 3
** MESH FATALE BOOTS 110 BLACK ** Brii Underground Wear ** 238L
** ROCK'N ROLL BABY COMPLET OUTFIT ** Brii Underground Wear _Exclusive Rock'n Roll baby Event  80L
[Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass
TRUTH HAIR Rowan -  light blondes

Look Today =D

Hello Girls

Check out 2 different styles

I hope u like it =D

Look 1 
Outift Rock Girl#2_RD Style - Exclusive Rock n' Roll Baby Event - only 80L
 Includes { Jacket mesh
                 Skirt Mesh
                 Boots Mesh }

Look 2
NS::  Sweet Valentine Sweater (Mesh)::> (free::> group Gift)
Kawaii Short Mesh with HUD_Only Siri'as Fashion Room 100L

~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair - Summer

Sneaker 01 FullPerm Semi-Exclusive - [ZOOM]

Hey Designers Hint Exclusive for <3

[Z O O M] Sneakers 01 Full perm SEMI EXCLUSIVE

Included: Uv Map, Shadow Map, Texture Map, PSD

try DEMO:
Flickr {http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonasacanthus/12161592486/}


Hello Girls

Check out the Looks :)

hope you like it :)

Look 1
Outfit {Indyra} Hype NEW
[AMARELO MANGA] - Necklace Aurora [Red Jasper]
~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair - Summer Pack no free
[Z O O M] Luxus Sunglass - SLFW
[Z O O M] MyQueen - Vogons [Gold] no free

Look 2
{Indyra} Chick Wish Top: Minnie  NEW 
{Indyra} Chick Glam Warrior Earrings: Gold&Red NEW
{Indyra} Chick Wish Jeans: White Thread NEW 

{Indyra} Chick Wish Studded Leather Clutch: White NEW

New Releases =D 25-01-2014

Hey Girls

Good weekend!!!

Check out the first tips for the weekend =D

Look 1
NS::  The Round Glasses (Hud) BEW
NS::  Sweater Cross Mesh (HUD) NEW
~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair - Summer Pack
>>>Poison<<< Leather Leggings Pants_mesh_female

Look 2
[AMARELO MANGA] - Necklace Aurora [Gradient 02] NEW
Indyra Originals Mesh: Memoire' Pencil Skirt Set: Paladins [black]

Top Black with app lolas _RD Stye NEW
~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair - Summer Pack 

Look 3
[AMARELO MANGA] - Necklace Aurora [Onix] NEW
[Style X Mesh] Izzy Shirt Texture Change {Blogger} NEW
Skirt  Rivet Red - J.Allen
~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair - Summer Pack 

Look 4
EMPORIUM - Spiked Shirt #2 SLFW
Skirt  Rivet  Black - J.Allen
NS::  The Round Glasses (Hud)

~Tableau Vivant~ Beaumont hair - Summer Pack 


Hello Girls

Check out the kawaii look <3

Kawaii Short Mesh_With Hud 5 Colors_RD Style_for Siria's Fashion Room 100L
Luh Top Pink with app Lolas Tango RD Style - 50L
[Z O O M] Smartec Watch [Pink] [GACHA] 99L each

More Releases!!!!

Hello Girls
Check Out more releases!!!

Corvus : Death Vision Cami Dress NEW 
[Z O O M] Old but Gold Sunglass NEW - The Dressing Room

Backwoods mafia - Hipster exclusive. ( Very Cute for photos, i loved ♥ ) - Hipster Fair 
 Includes: { Cargo box seat bird. BM
 Cargo box seat deer head. BM
     Cargo box seat peacock. BM
 Cargo box seat plain. BM
 Industrial plank wall 1 plain .BM
 Industrial plank wall 2 plain. BM
 Industrial plank wall 2 . BM
 Industrial table with accessories. BM }
Photo Flickr {http://www.flickr.com/photos/renatadragovar/12070779926/}

Ty <33

Exclusive Outfit ***Brii Underground*** Hipster Fair =)

Hello Girls!!!

Check out the Exclusive Outfit ***Brii Underground*** Hipster Fair =)

- **MANOELA HIPSTER STYLE B & W ** Brii Underground Wear ** only Hipster Fair


Hello Girls

Check out more new releases!!!

Look 1
Outift Rock Girl #3 Exclusive Cosmopolitan Room - 70L

Look 2
EMPORIUM - Tank Top #1 New for SFW 78L
[Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass
TRUTH HAIR Teddy -  light blondes 


Hey Girls

Check out the new releases!!!

Look 1
Look: **PUNK LADY DARK COMPLET OUTFIT ** Brii Underground Wear ** Lady Dark Hunt 1L
  - Includes: { Jacket Mesh
                      Pants Mesh
                      Boots Mesh
                      Necklace / Top and tatoo }
Pose: {NanTra} Hip 2B Sqare - Hipster Fair - no free

Look 2
NS::  Gray Jean Mesh SLFW
NS:: Black [Polka Dot Black]  Crop Top and Bra mesh

** MESH LAIS SANDAL 55 BLACK **Brii Underground Wear **
[geek.] Geek-Survival Pak -Classic- Pak - Hipster Fair

Look 3

TRUTH HAIR Teddy -  light blondes
** MESH LAIS SANDAL 55 BLACK **Brii Underground Wear **

Special [Z O O M] =)

Hey Girls

Check out the releases from our new partner blog, the [Z O O M] Store
I hope u like =)

1°  [Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass NEW!!!

2°  [Z O O M] Sweet Candy NEW!!!

3° [Z O O M] Wo-onka Sunglass NEW!!!

Reh Dragovar

Look Today =)

Hey Girls!!!

 Check out the looks today!!!

Look 1
NS::  Pink Dress with app Lolas NEW***
  - Bracelet and necklace inclusive
[Style X] Long Rounded Nails Sizes no free
Chemistry Hair

Look 2
DEW Outfit Exclusive - Hipster  Fair_Start 01/21
   - Shirt / Short / Sock and Boots
Gift Earrings DEW Hipster  Fair_Start 01/21

[Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass NEW
Chemistry Hair

Look 3
Dress .: LIKE DESIGN :. Ashes Spiked Dress Black Gold (unpacked) - Hipster  Fair_Start 01/21
Chemistry  Hair
[Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass NEW

Look Today

Hey Girls

Check out another hint look for you, i hope you like it =)

-> Featured for new bracelets [Z O O M].... Great Quality, I loved ♥ 
        [Z O O M] MyQueen - Vogons [Gold] NEW
-> Very cute dress from Style X (Available in 4 colors) [Style X Mesh] Xenia Dress Texture Change
-> Magika Hair After (love that hair) ♥
-> .Pekka. Juicious Unisex Piercing GOLD - I love ♥

News News

Hey Girls

Check out some more tips

Look 1
EMPORIUM- Suspender Dress #1_Exclusive Fashion Week New
{Indyra} Indy&Co.: Mackenna Bangle Stack Set* New
**MESH COMBAT BOOTS 103 STYLE 4 FOR GIRLS** Brii Underground ** New
...:::Scrub:::... Ashtray Tongue no free
Magika [01] After no free
*blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Black

Look 2
EMPORIUM- Suspender Dress #2_Exclusive Fashion Week New
*blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Black
!lamb. Thieves Like Us (Mesh) - Mad Pack

Looks Today =)

Hey Girls

To start the day from conferring this sequence of looks!
All very beautiful and great quality =)

Look 1
** SEATLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** Brii Underground Wear ** Exclusive For Pure Sale Room 75L
**MESH COMBAT BOOTS 21 RED ** Brii Underground Wear ** Exclusive For Pure Sale Room 75L

Look 2
[C.H.D] MESH Ladies Short Jacket - V1
Kelly Jeans/Black Skirt Mesh_RD Style
**MESH COMBAT BOOTS 103 STYLE 4 FOR GIRLS** Brii Underground **
*blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Black

I love Black ♥

Hello Girls
I mounted a look that is very much my style
I hope you enjoy :)

RD Style_Top Black App Lolas
[ SAKIDE ] Long Lace Skirt MESH Black
.Identity. Body Shop - No Love Lost Tattoo
Pink Acid Camille Lips + Teeth 10 Pack
.Pekka. Juicious Unisex Piercing GOLD
DADAbeiz :: Black Nerd Glasses
*GA* Shoes Chloe Sandals Shiny B&W
Magika [01] After

Look Today =)

Hello Girls =)

For lovers of red and hippie style, confer this look that joins the two ♥
I hope you enjoy!

** HIPPIE CHIC COMPLET OUTFIT RED VERSION **Brii Underground** Special Red Passion Event_Only 80L NEW
::Exile:: Tempest: Light Blondes no free

News Looks =)

Hey Girls

For the weekend conferring these hints =)

Look 1
NS::  Brown Owl Outfit NEW**** 100L Special Siria's Fashion Room
Hair Magika no free 
Make Lip [M]indbury - Elegance Lipsticks

Look 2
[Style X] Skin Dakara -Tan1- M1 NEW****
NS::  Chic Jacket Mesh with HUD NEW****

[M]indbury - Elegance Lipsticks

Look 3
>>>Poison<<< Wool shirt mesh_tie dye_female NEW
[Style X] Skin Yvaine -Tan1- M1 NEW

Legging Mesh Black_RD Style No free

I hope u liked =)

ty ♥

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